Environmental Noise and Vibration

Whether constructing a new building, revitalizing an existing site, or developing a new subdivision, all buildings can be adversely affected by environmental noise and vibration. At Gradient Wind, we use noise modelling to predict sound level impacts from a variety of sources, including transportation corridors, commercial buildings and industrial processes.

We measure and predict sounds at sensitive receivers such as residential buildings, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and places of worship. On-site monitoring is used to measure existing noise or vibration levels. At Gradient Wind, we work closely with planners, architects and developers to implement effective solutions for a variety of environmental noise and vibration concerns.

At Gradient Wind, we provide the following services to resolve noise and vibration issues:

  • Aircraft, roadway and railway noise impact assessments
  • Mechanical equipment (stationary) noise impact analyses
  • Building and subdivision feasibility studies
  • On-site noise monitoring and regression analyses
  • Environmental Assessments for Transportation Corridors
  • Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) and Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR)
  • Monitoring of ground vibrations created by rail traffic, quarry blasting, and industrial processes
  • Support at Ontario Municipal Board hearings for all of the above services