Natural light is an important architectural factor that contributes to physical and mental health. Proper use of available natural light can reduce the energy consumed by a building by reducing reliance on electrical light and through passive solar heating. Natural daylight adds warmth to a space.

Shadow impact studies are performed to determine the extent of new shadows cast by proposed developments onto existing properties. The procedure requires knowledge of the proposed site massing, as well as detailed knowledge of the existing adjacent lands and buildings.

The current approach used to conduct a shadow impact study is based on three-dimensional computer modelling and rendered images. Shadow patterns are determined for selected dates and times at a specific geographic location, which is defined by the latitude and longitude of the site.

Gradient Wind consulting services include:

  • Shadow and reflection impact studies
  • Interior sunlight infiltration studies
  • Commission Internationale de l’Eclairge (CIE) Standard Overcast Sky daylight studies