Toronto, ON

Pinnacle One Yonge

At the foot of Yonge Street, Pinnacle One Yonge is a multi-tower development near the Toronto waterfront. With a phased site development of towers ranging from 65 to 95-storeys, and numerous other nearby high-rise developments on the horizon, it was critical to understand how the wind effects would evolve over time. Particularly for the taller of the towers at Pinnacle One Yonge, careful consideration must be given to building design and performance with respect to wind loads.

Toronto, ON
Gradient Wind provided comprehensive wind engineering studies ranging from structural wind loading and cladding pressure studies, to an assessment of stack effect and balcony wind comfort. For the taller of the towers, analysis of structural wind loads and building accelerations was achieved through a comprehensive range High-frequency Force Balance testing, Pressure Integration testing, and Aeroelastic model testing.