Ottawa, ON

Centre Block Rehabilitation – Parliament Hill

The structures of Centre Block and Peace Tower on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, were upgraded for wind resistance and earthquake resistance. The Centre Block is a Gothic style 6-storey building with a symmetric building plan with dimensions of approximately 144 meters by 75 m in the east-west and north-south directions respectively. Immediately south to Centre Block, is the Peace Tower which rises approximately 92m above grade to the top of the structure, on a 12.2 m square floor plate dimension.

Ottawa, ON
Wind pressures on entire Centre Block and Peace Tower were measurement for structural wind loading assessment.  Since the buildings are located on a steep promontory over Ottawa River to the North, topography of the hill was included in the model. Considering the slenderness of the Peace Tower, dynamic structural analysis is performed to evaluate the building responses as well as design wind loads. However, for Centre Block, since the inertia effects are ignorable, wind loads over the whole structure of Centre Block is evaluated, and presented as equivalent static pressure distribution over the building surfaces based on the Load Response Correlation method.