Eugene, Oregon

University of Oregon

Phase 1 of University of Oregon Knight Campus development includes two four-story buildings rising total 95 feet above one-storey podium. The project features double skin façade elements on all four elevations of the building, large roof canopy having approximate plan dimensions of 144’ long × 44’ wide, extending between two buildings; and a 189’-long pedestrian bridge supported by an arch linking between the new building and the existing building to the south.

Eugene, Oregon
To investigate wind pressure distribution between the outer skin elements and the main building body, a large 1:100 scale model was fabricated, and the inside surface of outer skin elements and inner façade of the building were instrumented with pressure taps. In order to investigate the aerodynamic instability such as flutter and to evaluate dynamic design wind load for the long-span canopy, 1:40 scale aeroelastic canopy model was fabricated and was tested for various wind angles. For the pedestrian bridge, comprehensive desktop wind assessment was conducted including buffeting, vortex shedding and flutter instability analysis of bridge girder-enclosure, arches and cables; wind- and rain- induced vibrations of hanger(stay) cables.