Toronto, ON

One Bloor East

One Bloor East is 75-story high-rise building rising approximately 257 m above the grade. Before it reached the height, the building went through several building massing and height changes. Located north of the Toronto downtown core, the building features curved balconies on all elevations and a series of podium level setbacks at each floor level on the west side up to the sixth level.

Toronto, ON
Comprehensive wind studies were performed for several revisions of the building. The wind study includes cladding pressures, structural wind loading, large scale wind loads on balcony guards, pedestrian level wind study, Tuned Liquid Sloshing Damper (TLSD) design, wind stability, snow and ice accumulation study for a sculpture. Especially for the TLSD design, dynamic damper testing was performed in Gradient Wind’s dynamic test rig; a long-term (more than a year long) on-site monitoring was performed to measure the as-built building properties and efficiency of the TLSD. From the monitoring, the as-built building frequencies were measured to be slightly higher than those of theoretical values; and building accelerations during strong wind events were comparable to the wind tunnel test results. A large two-directional TLSD tank with dimensions of 19.5 m × 18 m × 4 m (height) was constructed on top of the main roof, and is currently operating with filled water.